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Parenting.in is India’s premier website and app (upcoming) on raising good children & making them good human beings. Our niche and USP is bringing up a child with good values, respectful behavior towards all, and spiritual nourishment in their formative years.

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We love to help pregnant women, their future children and their partners on this complex, yet joyous journey of becoming parents. Our pregnancy medical center’s staff are determined to guide you in all of that, along the way helping both mother and father with a variety of issues.

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Parenting Adult Children With An Open Mind!

As you know, every child has to grow someday but the parent still visualizes their child as their sweet little kid in their hearts.

Parenting Children To Make Sure Of Their Righteous Behavior!

Children often fall in bad company while they are in school or college. It can be dangerous for their future and present life.

Parenting To Make Your Children Smarter and Sharper!

Children love to dream and listen to fairy tales. Dreams can be very encouraging and exciting, no wonder!

Our Experts

A Child’s Philosophy:
"Life Is My Playground”

Children love to play and so does everyone. It’s a known fact the world over and it hails from centuries.

Why do you think children love to play?

There are many reasons children love to play, for instance:

– They enjoy playing very much.

– They love to create very much.

Unveil the entrepreneur in you: work from home moms

Being a woman entrepreneur has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, for women, who do not want to stick to a nine to five or rather nine to nine routine and want their own independence, nothing better than starting your own venture in data entry or medical transcription. For being a woman entrepreneur you need to have lots of self motivation along with positivity, patience and determination. You need towork from home be well organized and should be excellent at time management.

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