10 parenting pitfalls to avoid

parenting pitfalls to avoid
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Human behavior is far away from perfection though one can have our whims altered and change our reaction to situations. Kids dote on their parents and parenting is a great eye opener. Try listing our priorities and beliefs before kids and draw another list after kids We realize how well we can attune to circumstances. There are 10 parenting pitfalls to avoid as parents.

1. Fighting with your spouse is a deadly sin as children love the presence and virtues of both parents. Fear is inculcated in their minds and it affects their psychology.


2. Our trips to malls, expensive restaurants and other reckless spending are viewed by our children and they subconsciously gather that this is our way of living and hence will imitate the same. Tapering expense and getting kids to understand about privilege is necessary.


3. Lifestyle modification is very much important inorder to teach kids to wake up early, tidy the bed, get independent with their homework and doing their own things. Rules in life are important at times.


4. Commenting means generating an opinion. Avoid loosely commenting or branding people. Labeling people or their actions especially relatives creates a negative impact.


5. Comparison is one big demoralizer. As parents too we have the need to feel appreciated. It would be wrong to compare other child’s feats to make your child realize his or her inadequacy.


6. Helicoptering style of parenting automatically makes kids submissive. Either kids revolt into violent adults or are too meek to face life. Give them a free hand and let them just ‘be’.


7. Over protection will spoil them. Let them sprout their talents and be fearless in their trials. Let them mispronounce, fall, shed a tear or a bit of blood as this will make them strong.


8. Excess freedom will spoil them. Set ground rules. Observe the same yourself and kids will respect you and stay tuned.


9. Disrespect shown by us towards their grandparents, helpers or general community workers is not tolerated by them. Either they mimic our behavior or form opinions. Love them and let them spread love.


10. Swearing may be a long term habit. But it’s never too late to change. Quality time is for learning new ideas or sharing love. In case you swear in front of them learn to apologize for your wrong behavior.