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Motivating children

Motivating children to study

How many kids love to study? Well, answer is not so inspiring enough. But kids are like that only. They are not willing to study. Instead they would prefer to watch TV, play games or just wandering around. They will often remind you of your own childhood. How we as children, used to bunk classes [&h...
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Healthy snacks for Indian children

Whether during lunch time or after coming back from school, your kid needs something nutritious as well as light and refreshing since he will be a tired child. The morning breakfast is often a hurried affair and at times even skipped due to paucity of time, which is a very unhealthy practice. The sc...
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Health and digital age kids in India

If you ask about parenting, the immediate answer you will get is, ‘it is challenging’. Indeed, the bringing up of a child demands a set of skills and attitude that are new for all parents and most are totally unprepared for this tectonic shift in their life. The responsibility as well as happine...
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