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Special Parenting

Special Parenting For Children With Special Needs!

Certain children have very specific and rare health issues. For instance, certain children may have a deficiency or may be born prematurely. They have special needs and must be treated differently. It is not they are below average but require a special kind of attention. There are some pointers you ...
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How to detect ADHD in children?

Children get easily bored and restless after doing a certain activity over a period of time. This may motivate them to be hyperactive, naughty and curious unequivocally. However, certain children are abnormally hyperactive and their parents have to keep a watch at what they are up to every now and t...
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Parenting Children

Things To Be Taken care While Parenting Children!

Most children do what they see, hear or as per their experience. Especially small children have no understanding of good/bad, right/wrong, legal/illegal, etc. Until children mature by themselves, they have no decision making power unless an amount of responsibility is placed upon their shoulders. Ge...
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Be a Idol to Your Child!

Children, when they are growing up, look forward to a role model for guidance. They look forward to someone with whom they can resonate with and ask questions whenever they want. They look forward to someone who will inspire them, who they can model exactly to become what they want to. Children lear...
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Power of Mind

Human mind is capable of processing enormous information. It has tremendous power to fetch and retrieve stored information within micro seconds. As we grow, we meet new people, some we befriend and some don’t matter to us. In between the two, there is another category of people who are repelled by...
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School bullying

Parents role in helping the Child to Cope up With Bullying In School!

The reasons why a child is bullied: Some children experience fear at home, society and other places such as school. As you might be aware that most children cannot handle fear, as they tend to be very sensitive during their early stages of life. A child when studying in a primary or secondary school...
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Manage Peer Pressure

Guide the Child to Manage Peer Pressure

As children grow up, they want themselves to be completely accepted by their parents, society, siblings, relatives and friends. They try to meet everyone’s expectations. This creates a lot of stress and tensions within their mind. Children during their pre-teens and teens make a lot of effort ...
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Treat children equally

Treat your children equally!

“The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.” – Aristotle. Greek critic, philosopher, physicist, & zoologist (384 BC – 322 BC) Quote Source All children are unique in their own way and require to be treated as per their own needs, talents, ...
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motivated child

How to keep a child motivated?

When a child is small, it requires every small appreciation from its parents to do the right things. As a good parent, it becomes your responsibility to handle your child carefully. Children are very sensitive and so a parent must remain careful to make sure, a child’s belief system is not inf...
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