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Eating out with kids

I have seen a lot of young parents avoid going to restaurants and hotels because they have to ‘manage’ their kids. However, on the contrary, it is very essential that you do eating out with kids at restaurants to teach them good table manners and etiquette. As a parent you do not want to get [&h...
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good and bad for kids

Defining the good and bad for kids

To define the good and bad for kids, it is necessary that you are yourself clear about the moral values that you want your kids to follow. Giving freedom and space to your kids and yet making them learn what you feel your child should follow is a skillful task. It is necessary that you […]...
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Parenting To Correct Children's Habits

Parenting To Correct’s Habits!

As children grow, they start picking up ideas from the environment and especially, from people around. They store those ideas in their mind and out of those, some become the benchmark for judging other ideas, people and objects. They are at a stage when they don’t really know much about life a...
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software for your child

Selecting computer software for your child

In the world of computers, it is important that parents make themselves aware of computers, software, online games and the allied technology. Most children all over the globe use computer software before they even begin their schools and hence it becomes imperative for parents to choose the right ki...
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Good Parenting

Good Parenting Tip: Strengthen Your Interpretation Skills!

Parents often judge their children as doing something good or bad. They often misinterpret their child’s actions, feelings, thinking, decisions and choices. They are often in doubt about their children’s behavioral pattern and thus don’t know what to do when they require to do some...
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Good Parenting Tip: Managing Attention Between Many Children!

Children often feel jealous when a new born child gets much wanted attention. The elder children feel deprived of much wanted love and caring which isn’t the case usually. Most elder children think that they are being ignored or aliened whereas their younger sibling is being treated lavishly a...
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