All mothers face the woes of weaning at some time or the other. Doctors recommend weaning off the baby after an exclusive feed of 6 months. A mother is the best judge to determine the correct time for weaning. This requires a lot of adjustments and new ideas to keep the baby cheerful.

Mother’s milk is considered the most nutritious. It is also important to get the baby attuned to semi solids after 6 months. Mashed items like potatoes, boiled peas, tomatoes and bits of cheese can be looked as an option. Weaning is more of an emotional adjustment for the child. Try to reduce feeds slowly rather than totally cutting it off.

During the scheduled time of feed distract the baby with walks or watching some nature. Love the child and hold her close so that they do not feel any emotional deprivement. In case you are working then instruct the care giver to make entertainment more high during the period of weaning.

Usually children cry a lot and out of frustration mothers succumb to feeding. But this may not actually work. A bit of tender care and distraction is the best for your child. Scheduling chores and making time is very important during weaning as the child may be irritable or cry incessantly. This is a normal phase of growth for the child as well as a parent and hence mentally parents need to be stronger.

Healthy foods like soups, juices in small quantity will eventually make the child love semi solids. There are teething biscuits or chewable food for the newly emerged pearly whites. Weaning the baby totally is a gradual process and night feeds are the most difficult part of the process.

A child is prone to many diseases. One of the common problems affecting child is tonsillitis. It is caused by inflammation of the tonsils. It is quite a painful and comfortable problem. Tonsils are basically masses of lymph tissue located on the either side at the back of the throat. The tonsils are actually a defense mechanism that fight diseases and they also act as filters. The job of tonsil is to prevent the spread of infections in the throat, mouth and sinuses from spreading to other parts of the body. Tonsillitis occurs when tonsils are inflamed because of viruses or bacteria. Sometimes, because of some other diseases tonsils get inflamed. Adults and older children are more prone to bacterial infection whereas a child is more likely to fall prey to viral tonsillitis.

In some children, tonsillitis can be more frequent. It happens because of enlargement of the tonsils. This can happen even 6-7 times per year and this condition is called as chronic tonsillitis. The symptoms of tonsillitis are ear ache, mild to severe throat pain, fever, headache, swollen lymph glands and difficulty in swallowing. Parents need to be very careful when child shows these symptoms. They need to take certain steps to treat their child. Parents should remember that normally antibiotics are only effective if the problem is caused by bacterial infection. In case of viral tonsillitis, taking antibiotics can further aggravate the problem. Doctor must be consulted for proper medication.

Apart from consulting doctor, parents should make child gargle warm water with salt mixed in it. Warm drinks prove to be very helpful in tackling tonsillitis. Warm drinks could be tea with honey or soup. Spicy foods should be avoided and foods must be soft and easy to swallow. No one should be slowed to smoke in the vicinity of child. The last resort could be removal of tonsils through tonsillectomy.

A teenager or a toddler have their own milestones to set. This can be in terms of becoming independent or realizing the importance of achieving. Setbacks do happen in life and many times they help the child set bigger ambitions. Falling and bruising the palms is normal for a toddler. It would certainly help if the parent enthusiastically helps the child balance on his own or be on the swing under supervision.

These days the bar on performance in academics, sports or extra curricular events is very high. Parents also realize that it is important to let the child make choices in these spheres and yet be there in total support. Whether we need to actually coach our child in achieving targets is quite a questionable situation. Children usually understand the importance of targets and positions and they are naturally competitive.

A bit of healthy competition is the best ingredient for success. Moderation in every ambition is also important. Many times I find in sports events children miss the trophy in the blink of an eye. This is also to be accepted by the child as a process. Give them your undivided attention when they are on your practice session.

Low self esteem in children is generally masked as introvertish behavior. This usually goes neglected in the hope that children will outgrow the same. A snide remark or being bullied by peers can have disastrous impact on the life. In case the child does not want to be social or is losing interest in normal activities then counseling help is certainly available for parents as well as children. Lots of love, encouragement, disciplines and being a good role model automatically builds a healthy environment for our child.

Making your children to focus is definitely not a simple job. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. In fact, with a few rapid exercises experienced a few times, you can start to see consequences in no time. The solution is to follow, and to practice constantly throughout your child’s life. That is the only way you can help your children acquire a concentration that they need.

Let’s go through some easy exercises that would benefit your child through the walk of life.

1. Encourage Reading. You should motivate your children to read. For younger kids, you should set up a schedule of reading with them.

2. Allocate Assignments. Ask them to finish an assignment depending on their age. For the smaller children it can be picking up their toys or for the elder ones, helping you with a more complex task around the house. Assign a time limit for them to finish the task within and as they’ve effectively accomplished the task, appreciate and praise them to boost their confidence.

3. Create Lists. For long or comprehensive assignments or if your child needs to complete a number of tasks, crafting lists can help them concentrate on their tasks. A huge task is made less frightening if you split it up into steps.

4. Make them have a picture of success. Keep asking them frequently what do they want to achieve in life. Make them sketch images of the success they want and place it wherever noticeable. This way, they will be focused about their aim and will have an ambitious outlook towards life.

You can keep changing these exercises according to the age group of your child or their maturity level. This will help them throughout their life and will build their concentration level. They will be comparatively more focused and will be able to concentrate better.

‘I apprehend what to try and do, however am still deciding the way to do it’. this is often a typical statement of an adolescent. assured and confused appears a wierd combination however the endearing juvenile person may be a constant reason behind apprehension for a parent. Suddenly the female offspring in pigtails needs a high pony or the silver Cindrella sandals. The boy with a liking for toy guns and puzzles needs stringed instrument categories.

Teen issues square measure way more than worn skirt hems and tattered jeans. this is often concerning vogue however truly teenagers square measure simply attempting to know their explosive spurt of power. Biologically too, it’s a time for hormones. they need mixed feelings concerning their goals, explosive interest within the female and every one this appears puzzling. several folks don’t seem to be able to relate as that they had a special part of childhood.

Our children square measure additional aware and hospitable amendment. Circumstances currently square measure additional progressive and that we conjointly need our offspring to own the correct mixture of culture, modernity, teachers and additional info activity. Acutely exposure is that the keen issue. Once youngsters perceive their rules then discipline needn’t truly be told to them. Its indoctrination for teens and an excellent learning part for fogeys too.

They love experimenting and talent is additionally noticed throughout teenaged time. Metros typically have summer camps that also are an excellent thanks to channeslise their free time and energy. expenditure their mental conflict and resurging their physical energies is a technique to stay them busy. all of them like to cook, clean and dress well. and every one we wish is that the Best for our kid.

Please do write in along with your experiences in coping with your adolescent kid.

Intelligence may be a precious quality. folks like to notice their child’s intelligence and a few of them feel it’s their prime duty to reinforce the intelligence of the children. however completely different|completely different} folks take this intelligence issue during a different manner. On one hand some folks assume it’s their duty to nurture this quality of child and that they ask for new ways of enhancing this gift. On the opposite hand there area unit folks UN agency assume it’s god talented and may be higher left to child of a way to increase their intelligence. As long as children do well and obtaining detected as a result of their intelligence, things area unit simply fine. This may additionally be termed lazy parenting.

We will not get in the detail of that approach is that the right one. However, {we can|we will|we area unit able to} perpetually discuss what the benefits of the different approach are. one amongst the neurobiology consultants believes within the initial approach and therefore the reason being cited is presence of twelve billion neurons within the kid. If these aren’t used until the age of twelve, about half them die which should be termed as sheer waste. therefore he advocates folks should take steps that build child use these neurons. which will additionally make sure that kid is victimisation his optimum brain capability.

The fact that the pressure on children has redoubled enormously in recent years as a result of omnipresent competition, folks got to be committed kid to create certain kid isn’t insulation behind. currently simply being a book worm doesn’t suffices. a baby must participate in many extra-curricular activities to develop associate comprehensive temperament. kids may scoff at such a lot of employment however within the finish it pays off. In such situation, it becomes quite obvious for fogeys to position stress on all the aspects of kid’s temperament and make certain he’s victimisation his optimum capability.

The modern age parenting has come up with several new terms and these terms are redefining the concept of parenting. One such term we keep coming across is attachment parenting. This concept refers to fostering of a close bond between the baby and the parents. Famous American Pediatrician William Sears has coined this phrase of attachment parenting. As per this philosophy, during the childhood, a child develops very close bond with his caregivers, i.e., parents and this alone has a huge impact for the rest of his life. This principle emphasizes upon the need of parents being more sensitive towards the needs of the child and they must be emotionally available and accessible to the kid as and when required by him. If the child has not managed to get his share of attachment and emotional security, there are high chances of him developing an apprehensive mind that will lead to insecure attachments as adults. So from that perspective, attachment parenting aims at developing child’s secure attachment.

Attachment Parenting is based on certain principles. These rules define the strentgth of secure bonding. Eight principles are,

Practice Positive Discipline

Preparation for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting

Feed with Love and Respect

Use Nurturing Touch

Strive for Balance in Personal and Family Life

Ensure Safe Sleep, Physically and Emotionally

Provide Consistent Loving Care

Respond with Sensitivity

Now, these principles are subject to one’s interpretation. Parents should be very creative in understanding the needs of the child. Friendly care is of utmost importance in the development of a child. Respect and freedom are essential for good development of the child. It will help in maintaining a functional balance.