A Child’s Philosophy: “Life Is My Playground”

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Children love to play and so does everyone. It’s a known fact the world over and it hails from centuries.

Why do you think children love to play?

There are many reasons children love to play, for instance:

– They enjoy playing very much.

– They love to create very much.

– They love to be called a “champion”, a “winner” who takes pride in winning.

– It helps them be with their friends.

– It makes them forget their worries and love themselves better.

Thus, children have a specific philosophy of life when they are especially small and adolescent. This specific philosophy is of making their life their playground where they can rejoice their victories and live life enjoyingly.

Now, you might think that your child is dumb just because he/she loves to play a lot, right?

If you as a parent are thinking like that, then you’re thinking something wrong. The children who love to play are the ones who really love life to its optimum. After all, life is a playground where you enjoyingly play games.

Here’s what playing games and outdoor sports can benefit your child:

  • Build Stamina, Health and Flexibilty.

  • Build Leadership Skills and Team Spirit.

  • Build Creative and Communication Skills.

  • Help Them Learn Sportsmanship.

  • Help Build Strength and Toughness.

Your child requires to explore the outer world that is beyond their books and feel the experience that life generates. Your child has to open up in his/her beautiful way and build upon his/her own self-confidence. If you will restrict your child within the “shell” of books and text books, your child will never be able to explore the talent that is within him/her self. After all, do you remember who said that phrase…

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”Â

As it is said, “Every Child Is Special!” Playing games make them feel more special.