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Our mission

Parenting.in is India’s premier website and app (upcoming) on raising good children & making them good human beings.

Our niche and USP is bringing up a child with good values, respectful behavior towards all, and spiritual nourishment in their formative years. It is our duty as parents to tell our children of God and things divine - to enable them to develop a healthy sense of values & lay the foundation of a virtuous life.

" A child is God's gift, nurture this precious gift with love and care. "

Our focus is and would remain on raising children with good values, character, respect for elders and basis on spirituality. Let us understand that a child grows at his own pace. Let's not no hurry and try to make them adults - because you cannot reverse it later. Remember our kids learn by example. If we set an example of fear, hatred, anxiety or negativity, how can they be happy ? The best thing you can do is to create a positive, joyous and loving atmosphere at home.

With excellent parenting articles, forums, expert advice, Q and Ans with doctors, product and school reviews, blogs, groups, updates on events & activities, local listings, shopping for baby products etc, we would strive to become your one stop hangout on parenting. You can join us through social media, Facebook, Google plus, Instagram, YouTube & more.

Our Experts

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