Activities-in order to grow

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An infant is one who does not know how to walk as it is not old enough to start walking. Certainly, an infant is one who is just a few months old or rather less than 2 years old. Infants cannot talk clearly neither can they understand a language. Whatever they understand is through sign or rather, body language. Whereas a toddler is one who is learning to talk, walk, sleep and eat by itself.

When an infant/toddler is crying, you would certainly want the infant/toddler to stop crying because they usually tend cry very loudly and with pain that our ears cannot bear it. Moreover, it is indeed very painful for parents to handle these situations. Thats the time when parents must engage their infant/toddler into a delightful activity to make them smile instantly.

There are various activities that will make your infant/toddler smile and even help in nurturing them:

  1. A story book which is visually very delighting and cherishing for your infant/toddler can be really rewarding. Though your infant child may not be able to understand the written modes of language, it will still be able to remember certain images.
  2. An alphabet book that describes items by an alphabet will be also a good deal.
  3. Infant children love to play with ‘things’ and especially with sand, mud, clay and clay like articles such as dough. Giving them a ‘thing’ in their hands to inspect it makes them feel wonderful about life and enables them to see a very small glimpse of what life is.
  4. There are small musical instruments just made for infants and toddlers available in the market. Generally, they are inexpensive and can be a boon to the child’s development.

There are various other activities as well which can help your infant/toddler be more proactive on a regular basis. Here is a list of activities, your infant or toddler can practice regularly

If the infant/toddler is made to involve in any these activities, it can certainly help develop its mental, physical and spiritual capacities in a better way.