Aggressive behavior

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Aggression is just a form of energy and the outcome is destruction. Anger is a force or an energy that is not well spent. It is generally built up from inside and a person lashes out when aggravated. Aggression in kids can become a habit if not checked. Several homes have a serious atmosphere whereas in certain homes communication is abusive. Exposure to different kinds of people, media or general misunderstanding makes the child aggressive.

Kids are generally aggressive when they are teething. When the teeth is about to jut, they feel discomfort and require to be soothed. When a baby is hungry or has dirtied itself it cries for attention. Aggression is just another attention seeking method. The moment we feed this need, aggression or energy takes a different route.

Anger is present in all of us and it is ok to let the child scream or get into tantrums. Irrespective of whether you at home or a crowded mall, it is not always right to accede to the child’s demands. When ‘no’s get converted into ‘yes’ with tantrums or yelling the kids get habituated to express themselves in this fashion.

Urban concrete lands and lack of time prevents children to run and expend themselves physically. Paucity of time felt by the caregiver or parents further curtails them from going to the playground or enjoy a good game. Play times are bonding and parents must find ways to let the child get interested in activities like gymnastics, swimming or skating.

This helps the child channelize the energy into something constructive. All milestones in the activities have to be recognized though not necessarily rewarded. Praise is the best prize for the child. Occasional ways of material gifts as surprises would be another way to motivate the child for good behavior.

Violence is often mimicked by the child and is picked from peers, family or just watching someone fight. This in turn becomes their nature. Assertiveness can be appreciated but kids still are not in complete authority to take independent decisions. Giving them a free hand in dressing, choosing a game, consulting them about menu at a restaurant is all about respecting your child. All individuals including kids need that quantum of respect.