Art workshops for children

Art workshops
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Art is said to be one of the primary human qualities. These courses strive towards opening the mind. Art Workshops is one of those things which help in making one take that initiative. In India, there are good number of wide-ranging workshops which offer guidance and training in diverse forms of arts for children.workshops for childrenFew of the Art workshops are as follows-

The most common art workshops are dedicated to painting. Different form of paintings are taught and explained in these workshops to children. Some art workshops focus on water color Painting where the basics are explained along with the materials used in paintings.

Few other workshops specialize in Warli Painting which is a form of traditional painting. Oil painting workshops are also organized for teenagers where detailed study of oil colors is covered. Different techniques of oil on canvas painting, materials to be used, abstract paintings, drawings in various forms of life and nature are primary themes taught in these workshops.

Miniature Painting workshops are one under which students are taught to create miniature drawing with the help of particular tools and drawing paper. Students are expected to have awareness of balanced human outline sketches. Truly an enjoyable workshop!


Calligraphy workshop: calligraphy is an ancient art which is quite popular amongst art learners. This workshop acts as an eye opener about the wonderful possibilities calligraphy holds within.

These workshops can be great learning experience for children. They are exposed to art at an early age which helps to identify artists’ talent early