Importance of Breakfasts in the Routine of Children!

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When you wake up early in the morning, you look forward to working effectively without any problems throughout the day. You know that you have to finish work within a particular time line during the day and that is why, you take a breakfast every morning so that you stay strong all day long.

However, there are certain children who refuse to have nutritious foods such as milk, cereal, fruits, toasts, etc during breakfast time. Many even refuse to have the entire breakfasts for a variety of reason’s. Some children don’t like to have food as early in the morning and some don’t like the choices available at the breakfast table in the morning.

Children really don’t realize why a breakfast is necessary and you might have to coax them a lot to have breakfasts everyday. If that is the case with your child, here are a few pointers:

    • Try to know what your child really likes to have, what are their dislikes. Let them have choices and favorite foods in their breakfasts.

    • Most children love chocolate with milk. If your children does not drink milk, you could even offer to add chocolate or chocolate powders to it. there are variety of them available. You could also add fruit syrups or fruit shakes instead of choco-shakes in the morning.

    • Add some fruit to the breakfast every morning. Keep changing the fruits available for breakfasts every morning.

    • Let them know why they must do breakfasts. Explain that their bones require calcium, their mind requires strength and they require to become strong.

    • If your child resists eating breakfasts, tell them they would not be getting certain privileges that they get during the day if they don’t duly eat their breakfasts on time.

    • Be logical. Children are smart to point out your mistakes quickly and efficiently. Do not get hyper or anxious just because your child does not listen to you.Be cool and calm while you’re asking them to have their breakfasts.

    • Keep affirming to them “You will get stronger my boy if you eat breakfasts. Only stronger and smart children have breakfasts.”

    • Create a lists of items that you can have in breakfasts and keep adding as many items in that lists as you can.

Good Parenting is all about getting your children to stay fit, healthy, wealthy and sane. Convince your children about eating breakfasts regularly so as to make them strong and healthy. Be A Good Parent Today! Happy Parenting!