Bribing Your Child: Good Manners Or Bad Manners!

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Many a times, you want your child to listen to you and do what you say but he/she does not respond to you. You suddenly get worried because every step your child takes is really very special and important to you. It is obvious that you might tend to get critical of their behavioral pattern many times. But you want your child to follow what you say, believe, think, feel and do. And you want to get this done at all costs, Even if you have start Bribing Your Child.

So, you turn to bribing your child in order to get them listen to you and you might be bribing them something that is very special to them right?

Bribing Your Child

So, is bribing a good deal to make while getting your child listen to you?

Not at all. It’s certainly bad manners from your end and you must find other alternatives of making them listen to you such as “A praise of good words when they do something good genuinely”. You must transform and retrain their habit of listening to you via any other modes of “motivation”.

It’s certainly bad manners. Be a good parent today!!!