April 21, 2018
child marriage

child marriage in India

The old concept of child marriage was a narrow one which limited the progress of a girl child. Despite intelligence and aptitude, a female child was […]
April 21, 2018
child labor

child labor in India

The Indian labor law clearly states that children below fourteen are not allowed to work in hazardous situation. The law clearly mentions that child labor should […]
April 21, 2018

Ready to eat and the cola generation…

 Apart from the behavior and the attitude, habits of young children and teens seem to be changing. This is especially true in case of food habits. […]
April 16, 2018

Aggressive behavior

Aggression is just a form of energy and the outcome is destruction. Anger is a force or an energy that is not well spent. It is […]
April 18, 2018
fussy eater

Fussy eaters

For all mothers, a fussy eater is a cause for anxiety. One must have noticed that children change their taste very often. What they liked earlier […]
April 14, 2018
child safety

Child safety

Safety for a child is a delicate issue. For an infant, supervision is necessary as the child might suckle on the play toy and accidentally put […]
April 2, 2018
children catching a cold

Home remedies for children catching a cold.

Common cold is indeed common especially in children! Parents often complain of their children catching a cold. However, babies (under 6 months) are less likely to […]