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Are You Considering Tuition for your Child?

We hear a lot of times children going to tuitions at a very young age, and for too many subjects. Tuitions have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Without tuitions, the child may not be disciplined enough to sit down, revise what he has been taught at school, or complete his homework. As a r...
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Precautions to be taken during Monsoon

Monsoon comes as a combined package containing relief from heat, beautiful surroundings, and also a host of illnesses and diseases. Children are the most prone to these diseases. Here’s how to keep yourself and your family safe this monsoon season. Mosquitoes are the main carriers of disease-c...
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Nail biting

Nail-Biting Habit in Children

Nail biting (onychophagia) is a common oral compulsive habit in children and young adults. Nail biting usually starts at the age of around five in children. It starts as the child’s dental development begins. It affects around 30% of children between 7 to 10 years and 45% of teenagers Causes T...
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Sometimes it can be difficult to be good parents

When it comes to good parenting, there are a lot of things that has to be taken into consideration. Every parent wants his child to excel in all of the fields. It really doesn’t matter if it is educational fields or sports, everyone want his child to win. That’s common and quite obvious ...
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Hobby ideas and crafts for children

Vacations should be a perfect recreation time for children. It is essential that kids get a hands-on idea about different things in life that are not directly to their academic curriculum. Schools too extend such  hobby activities and summer camps to let children explore their extra curricular tale...
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School bullying

Parents role in helping the Child to Cope up With Bullying In School!

The reasons why a child is bullied: Some children experience fear at home, society and other places such as school. As you might be aware that most children cannot handle fear, as they tend to be very sensitive during their early stages of life. A child when studying in a primary or secondary school...
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How to deal with Children who cry a lot!

Is it that you have a single child and that you love your child very much. But sometimes the situation can get dramatic for you especially when you go out with your spouse and child. For instance, your child starts crying incessantly and hysterically when she does not get what she wants. In such a [...
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