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Ancient Education System

Ancient Education System of India

India has a great reputation of being the foremost bearer of world education system since ancient times. Education has played in major role in shaping the tradition, culture and intellectual wealth of the people of India. The country introduced the concept of Gurukul system. It was way beyond a mere...
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parent behavior

Be careful about your behavior in front of your kids

Now and again youths just observe what you’re doing and gain from it. they are doing not see regardless of whether it’s keen or unfortunate and no more circumstances albeit after they achieve the age of seven years past, however they are doing comprehend if there’s one thing turnin...
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School curriculum for preschoolersSchool curriculum for preschoolers

School curriculum for preschoolers

A growing child is in awe of everything around her. All kids are endowed with intelligence except that it has to be stimulated well. The age till five and eight is a very receptive stage. Like a sponge they have the ability to soak knowledge. The sensory skills are very much highlighted and most of ...
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