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positive affirmations

Magical Parenting affirmations to build confidence in your child and encourage positive behavior.

These words have proved magical in Parenting. Do you recognize the importance to build up your children every day with positive enforcement ? These Words of Love and Affirmation is what Every Child Wants to Hear . Carefully chosen words will encourage your child’s positive actions. These Daily Aff...
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Activities and Workshops for Children in Chennai, 2009

Happenings @ Hansel & Gretel   Here are activities and workshops which will be conducted Story Telling Session by Jeeva Raghunath Enjoy an evening of fun and storytelling for kids by Jeeva Raghunath on Friday, March 6, 2009 at 6 p.m.   Craft Corner – Beginners Embroidery Introduce your c...
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Parenting To Make Your Children Smarter and Sharper!

Children love to dream and listen to fairy tales. Dreams can be very encouraging and exciting, no wonder! Child enjoy dreaming so much that many even get lost into them. However, you must ensure that your child learns how to handle their dreams very smartly. Make Your Children Smarter and Sharper w...
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Parenting Children With A Promise And A Smile!

Children are sweet and their sweet smile leads you to think of their innocence. They are truly the gift of god especially for parents and grand parents. The need is to preserve the gift of god carefully with love and peace. Children require special care and attention as they wish to feel secured by...
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How To Help Chidren Grow Mentally, Physically And Spiritually!

Many a times, parents get too possessive about their children’s lifestyle and want them to change their way of living just everytime they find them doing something that is wrong. Now, children are children, not matured adults. They are bound to make a lot of mistakes and there is nothing to wo...
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