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Making time

With total empathy or sympathy all of us need to be more organized and hence make time. If it requires some formal planning then take a pen and paper and set up the things- to-do-list. It might sound silly initially but actually all of us realize that we can easily find an hour extra every […...
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Parenting Children To Build Their Attitude!

Children need to be taught a rational way to behave and also a rational way to think. Many children are very naughty and their naughtiness is the proof that they are enthusiastic about what life holds for them. A parent might find them to be extremely out of control at times and they might not [&hel...
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Short holidays are more memorable. An impromptu weekend trip to the nearby lake or island is a wonderful way to get rejuvenated. Kids love surprises and it is an ideal way to offer them an incentive. Most resorts have indoor and outdoor games for entertainment. Chalking up a budget would be ideal fo...
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