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child’s anger

Dealing with child’s anger

It is mostly in the teen years that your kids feel that they have grown too old to tolerate you and your advice. They also start enjoying their new found freedom. Suddenly, from the cute, all-abiding and the innocent your child has grown into a rebellious teen! This is the case in most homes. How [&...
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Correct The Behavior of Your Child!

Good Parenting Tip: Correct The Behavior of Your Child!

It is very important Correct The Behavior of Your Child and to keep them in check. Children are human beings and human beings make mistakes. It will be often that your child will make mistakes and as a parent, you sure will have keep prepared for it. It is important to correct the behaviour of [&hel...
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Good Parenting

Good Parenting Tip: Timing!

Time is an invaluable tool to manage various aspects of life such as personal issues, family issues, work issues and health issues of a persons life. Managing time equally means managing your life whole and soul. Especially for busy parents, its important to make sure they know what they must do at ...
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