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fussy child

Children: Fussy about food!

  “Like fruit, children are sweetest just before they turn bad” – Dena Groquet Dealing with fussy child sometimes becomes difficult especially in matters of food. Children want to eat chocolates, ice-creams, pastries, cookies and wafers all day long! Some of them refuse to eat a balan...
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Stomach Ache in Children

Its monsoon season and stomachache is one of the most common childhood complaints that we observe. Most parents assume that the pain in the stomach must be linked to something their child has eaten. However, this assumption does not always hold true. Stomachaches can be a symptom for a variety of il...
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Are You Considering Tuition for your Child?

We hear a lot of times children going to tuitions at a very young age, and for too many subjects. Tuitions have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Without tuitions, the child may not be disciplined enough to sit down, revise what he has been taught at school, or complete his homework. As a r...
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How do I get my child to … brush his teeth?

For most toddlers, getting them to brush their teeth can be quite a challenge. Once your child’s teeth begin erupting, you can begin cleaning them by wiping them with a moist washcloth. As your child gets more teeth, you can begin to use a soft child’s toothbrush for brushing teeth. The ...
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