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Swine Flu

Problem of Swine Flu in India

The unfortunate incident in Pune where a school girl died of Swine Flu has sent parents in frenzy. That was the first case of swine-flu death registered in India. Parents must be very cautious and careful about certain factors related to swine flu. You would not want your wonderful kids to be afflic...
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Motivating children

Motivating children to study

How many kids love to study? Well, answer is not so inspiring enough. But kids are like that only. They are not willing to study. Instead they would prefer to watch TV, play games or just wandering around. They will often remind you of your own childhood. How we as children, used to bunk classes [&h...
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Saving money in times of recession

In times of economic crisis and recession, it is important that you explain your child about the importance of saving money. Today’s generation lack this especially because marketers are constantly creating demands and desires which the youth of the country want to surrender to! Hence, until and u...
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Parenting Tip : Listening

Parents build a hue and cry once their kid will one thing wrong. if truth be told this worsens things even additional as a result of it’s possibly that the parent has not understood what went wrong and why, however most oldsters have the habit of “lecturing” their youngsters into d...
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