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Good Parenting Techniques

Good parenting is in different phases which are based on some factors that range from genetics to environment and from nature to nurture. Nevertheless, the basic principle of good parenting which cannot be ignored is teaching. Majorly, the aftermath of teaching the children is to assist them to be a...
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Managing Naughty Children

Good Parenting Tip: Managing Naughty Children!

Good Parenting Tip: Managing Naughty Children1 Many times, parents want their children to do as per what they say. However, children are often found to be playful and therefore do not adhere as per many of their parents orders. Thus, parents face a lot of difficulty in getting things done from their...
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The Language Dilemma

Language plays a great role in one’s career graph. Naturally, parents feel clueless about where should they put their child, in English medium school or Hindi medium? Parents must be decisive about this quagmire. There are several choices as far as schools are concerned. On one hand, there is this...
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Night Fears

Handling Child’s Night Fears

Most of the children face troubles during night. It is a common sight to see children not willing to sleep alone because of night fears factor. The point is children often feel fear, anxiety or some sort of hidden monsters and its job of the parents to make the child feel comfortable. Don’t make f...
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