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Inferiority Complex

Overcoming Inferiority Complex in Children

Is your child suffering from inferiority complex? It is very important for every parent to observe their children and help them come out of any kind of inferiority complex. The usual causes for inferiority complex are rejection by family, friends or peers, or exceptionally high expectations. If chil...
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Child Behaviour

Influencing Child Behaviour

According to many of us, the first few months of a child behaviour plays a key role in defining the kind of person he or she would become. This has been proved wrong by scientists in recent times. The majority of the brain does develop in the early years but its nurturing doesn’t end there. [&hell...
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Good Parenting

Good Parenting Makeup

Children of today are experiencing too much of ideas, limitless options and styles that are more than what they required which is even contrary to the old saying of “Do as I say and not do as I do”. Good parenting could be defined as prophecy that is self fulfilling. Whatever a child would be [&...
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Pocket Money

Pocket Money and Kids

The concept of pocket money has always been present in parents-children relationship. In modern day society, it has acquired even more acceptable form. Here, what needs to be taken care of is the fact that parents need to be very careful about what they are giving to their child. Is the amount suffi...
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Taking care of your Baby’s skin

We are often worried about our baby’s skin and other health related issues. The skin of a baby is soft and extremely sensitive. Therefore, every parent must be tremendously careful and cautious while applying anything on their child’s skin. First of all, avoid using any random products on their ...
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homework problems

Homework Problems

It’s a story at everyone’s house when it comes to children and their homework. It is one of the most difficult tasks to get your child do his homework. But there are a number of things that you can do to avoid homework problems disrupting your child’s life.Right before school starts, schedule ...
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