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attention span

Increasing the child’s attention span

By reducing distractions, like switching off the television while your child is studying or hanging up the phone if he is getting disturbed would also help him concentrate more. Moreover, meals play an important role in increasing the attention span of children. Make sure that your child is not skip...
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Nutrition for Children

It gives immense joy to every parent to watch their baby start eating solid foods. It’s enjoyable to see the baby’s facial expressions in reaction to the different tastes. On the intake on some foods, the baby’s face lights up with joy and his/her face scrunches up on eating the others. On the...
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Speaking Skills

Building Speaking Skills

As the child grows, building his or her speaking skills is important. Talk to child as much as you can, encourage him to read aloud be it stories, poems, articles anything and here are some of the exercises that can help your child to improve his speech skills. Though you may not have the entire [&h...
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Twin Children

Individuality in Twin Children

Having a baby brings a lot of joy to the family, especially to the parents, and when it’s twins children, the joy is doubled. However, the responsibility also increases since now you have to take care of not one but two babies. It is very important for parents to help their children develop indivi...
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