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good and bad for kids

Defining the good and bad for kids

To define the good and bad for kids, it is necessary that you are yourself clear about the moral values that you want your kids to follow. Giving freedom and space to your kids and yet making them learn what you feel your child should follow is a skillful task. It is necessary that you […]...
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software for your child

Selecting computer software for your child

In the world of computers, it is important that parents make themselves aware of computers, software, online games and the allied technology. Most children all over the globe use computer software before they even begin their schools and hence it becomes imperative for parents to choose the right ki...
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and Your Child

We all know about the concept of IQ. There is a lot of information available about importance of high IQ and how to boost the IQ of a child. We have already seen few tips for increasing IQ in child in the previous articles. But now the world is moving to another important concept and […]...
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child’s anger

Dealing with child’s anger

It is mostly in the teen years that your kids feel that they have grown too old to tolerate you and your advice. They also start enjoying their new found freedom. Suddenly, from the cute, all-abiding and the innocent your child has grown into a rebellious teen! This is the case in most homes. How [&...
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