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children bragging

Children Bragging

How many times, you have witnessed children boasting about their grades or parents? In fact, it is quite common among children. Some of them brag about their marks and mock their classmates. Some others say proudly and rather arrogantly about the new car their parents have got. A child can boast abo...
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good habits

Building Good Habits In Childhood

We are living in a world that keeps bombarding us with information at the sped of nanosecond. There is so much of information that sometimes it becomes difficult for mind to grasp all the situations. Now try imagining a child in that condition. His mind is not mature enough to grasp each and every n...
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Importance of Bhakti and Bhajans

Bhakti and Bhajans are no more a part of a daily routine of a family in a metro fast life. However, being exposed to bhakti and bhajan songs can give a great amount of mental peace to you and your family. Kids living in the new generation think of bhaktis and bhajans to be uncool […]...
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Indian mythology

Importance of Indian mythology In Child’s life

India is a treasure house for mythological stories. So rich is the culture and the tradition of India that it encompasses a huge collection of stories from the rich ancient India. Different stories of Indian mythology have been passed down from generations to generations mostly through the word of m...
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Enhancing Kid’s Memory

We all know how important memory factor is in the lives of each one of us. More so, for a child who is continuously struggling to meet deadlines and examination pressure, it is always a stressful task to remember each and every thing he has been taught. But parents need not despair for this particul...
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