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Single Parenting: What is the true picture?

Single parenting often face various kind of social problems and taunts, which effect not only them but also their child. The best approach for this is to understand the truth and face it. There are many questions regarding single parenting:- Q1. Are single parents lonely and isolated? Answer: No, de...
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How To Handle Notoriously Children!

Notoriously  Children is akin to children. To scream and to be notorious at getting people attentive towards them could be just their basic behavioral pattern in children. Mostly children at a very age are found to be smart, quiet, naughty and many are even found to be very obedient. But sometim...
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Parenting: Answer the Questions Of Your Growing Child!

Sometimes children just ask questions that cannot be answered to them right at that moment because of their age and maturity levels. However, children have to made aware about certain things like: SEX Smoking Drinking Toxic substances Gases Guns and Explosives Any other devastative substances What w...
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