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Art of Conversation

Child and Art of Conversation

We all know how important the art of conversation is in our day to day life. It plays a major role in deciding our success in relationships, both on personal as well as professional fronts. In fact, many professions depend entirely on art of conversation. For example, PR people, Client servicing peo...
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How do I get my child to … brush his teeth?

For most toddlers, getting them to brush their teeth can be quite a challenge. Once your child’s teeth begin erupting, you can begin cleaning them by wiping them with a moist washcloth. As your child gets more teeth, you can begin to use a soft child’s toothbrush for brushing teeth. The ...
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Precautions to be taken during Monsoon

Monsoon comes as a combined package containing relief from heat, beautiful surroundings, and also a host of illnesses and diseases. Children are the most prone to these diseases. Here’s how to keep yourself and your family safe this monsoon season. Mosquitoes are the main carriers of disease-c...
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Middle Child Syndrome

Things to be taken care in case of Middle Child Syndrome

Parenting involves lots of issues. Some of them come unseen but their effects last longer in the lives of children. One issue not very frequently talked about is middle child syndrome. Middle child as the name suggest are those kids that are second born in a family of more than two children. Parents...
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How to Behave with Arguing Child

Parenting is never a smooth journey. It involves following a path with lots of deviations. It’s not a well-defined job where your task is limited to certain arenas. Parenting involves improvisation. There is no fixed way to approach a particular situation. There are several variables like parents...
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