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Bribing Your Child: Good Manners Or Bad Manners!

Many a times, you want your child to listen to you and do what you say but he/she does not respond to you. You suddenly get worried because every step your child takes is really very special and important to you. It is obvious that you might tend to get critical of their behavioral pattern […...
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Childrens Choices

Children have a wish and they want it fulfilled. However, parents usually object to their children’s choices as often as they feel legible to do so. This leads to a situation where there is a tussle between the child and their parent. The parent wants to enforce their choice(s) upon their chil...
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Resolving conflicts

Every human being has the tendency to enter into an argument, and so do children. Some of them aren’t too loud whereas the others are influential. However when arguments convert into fights, it can get difficult for the parents to handle. It is the duty of every parent to teach their children how ...
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Good Parenting Skills

In order for you to be a good parent, you have to study good parenting skills. Good parenting contrary to general believe, is a full time work. Therefore, one of the major keys of good parenting is to know some mistakes that can be made by parents and learn your lessons from it in case […]...
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Managing Naughty Children

Good Parenting Tip: Managing Naughty Children!

Good Parenting Tip: Managing Naughty Children1 Many times, parents want their children to do as per what they say. However, children are often found to be playful and therefore do not adhere as per many of their parents orders. Thus, parents face a lot of difficulty in getting things done from their...
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Inferiority Complex

Overcoming Inferiority Complex in Children

Is your child suffering from inferiority complex? It is very important for every parent to observe their children and help them come out of any kind of inferiority complex. The usual causes for inferiority complex are rejection by family, friends or peers, or exceptionally high expectations. If chil...
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Child Behaviour

Influencing Child Behaviour

According to many of us, the first few months of a child behaviour plays a key role in defining the kind of person he or she would become. This has been proved wrong by scientists in recent times. The majority of the brain does develop in the early years but its nurturing doesn’t end there. [&hell...
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Spoiled Child

Dealing with A Spoiled Child

Some children are spoiled in nature. But remember, if your child is spoiled then you are also responsible for it. Children inculcate values from parents. The oft repeated statement of kids being the clay that parents need to mould holds so true. It is quite understandable that a child is our world a...
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