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Exam Stress

Relieving Exam Stress in Children

Have you noticed your child biting his nails a little too much during his exams? Or maybe eating too much? The reason is “Exam Stress”. Exams totally frighten children and they start worrying too much. Parenting help is one of the most crucial things that can help children to relieve their stres...
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Communication is the key

 Communication seems to be the key issue to be addressed; be it in an organization or at home or in some other setting. Parents are constantly addressing and communicating with their kids on the dos and the donts that a child is suppose to follow. The conflict arises when kids reach their teen and ...
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Good Parenting

Good Parenting Tip: Strengthen Your Interpretation Skills!

Parents often judge their children as doing something good or bad. They often misinterpret their child’s actions, feelings, thinking, decisions and choices. They are often in doubt about their children’s behavioral pattern and thus don’t know what to do when they require to do some...
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Good Parenting Tip: Managing Attention Between Many Children!

Children often feel jealous when a new born child gets much wanted attention. The elder children feel deprived of much wanted love and caring which isn’t the case usually. Most elder children think that they are being ignored or aliened whereas their younger sibling is being treated lavishly a...
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