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Ovulation takes place when one or more of the eggs are released from one of the ovaries. This transpires usually during the fertility time between periods. Every month, around 15-20 eggs are mature inside the ovaries. The ripest one is swept into the fallopian tubes. These tubes connect your ovaries...
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Delivery and Childbirth

With the exception of very few women, most hope to experience natural childbirth and delivery. It is indeed an intense experience and it would do you immense good to educate yourself and approach child birth and delivery with an open mind. The baby is delivered during the second stage of labour when...
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pregnancy stages

Pregnancy Stages

Your pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks commencing from the first day of your last menstrual period. These weeks are grouped into 3 trimesters. Let’s have a look at what happens to you and your baby during these 3 stages. The first trimester, starting from week 1 to week 12, finds your body underg...
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Fetal development

Development of Fetal

Fetal development. Each baby develops differently; once you know that you have conceived, you are naturally eager to monitor each stage of your baby’s development. At two months, your baby is called an embryo. She would grow to around 2.5 cm in length and have distinct, slightly webbed fingers. Ve...
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