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Good parenting is all about children, think again!

In recent times, there have been a lot of talks and researches over good parenting techniques. The main character in all the researches is a child. It is taught as how to make them learn and how to make them confident so they can become able to deal with all the problems on their own. […]...
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Improving vocabulary

Top Doctrines a Good Parent Should Know

No one on this earth can claim to be the best parent .Just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, being a good parent also depends on your understanding of what constitutes good parenting. However, there are certain top principles a good parent should know. Below we discuss some of these prin...
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disciplining toddlers

Disciplining Toddlers

Toddlers are hard to be disciplined as they have a small memory, are highly impulsive and are very inquisitive. They are often lost in another world and keep wondering about the happenings around. Many a times, it may happen that a parent may ask a child to follow what they have told them to do. [&h...
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School bullying

Parents role in helping the Child to Cope up With Bullying In School!

The reasons why a child is bullied: Some children experience fear at home, society and other places such as school. As you might be aware that most children cannot handle fear, as they tend to be very sensitive during their early stages of life. A child when studying in a primary or secondary school...
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Manage Peer Pressure

Guide the Child to Manage Peer Pressure

As children grow up, they want themselves to be completely accepted by their parents, society, siblings, relatives and friends. They try to meet everyone’s expectations. This creates a lot of stress and tensions within their mind. Children during their pre-teens and teens make a lot of effort ...
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motivated child

How to keep a child motivated?

When a child is small, it requires every small appreciation from its parents to do the right things. As a good parent, it becomes your responsibility to handle your child carefully. Children are very sensitive and so a parent must remain careful to make sure, a child’s belief system is not inf...
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Spending Quality Time

Spending Quality Time with Child

There was a father who believed in making lots of money and had a child who wanted to be embraced by his father every day when he came back from work. The child waited for his father to arrive soon as it was already 10.00 PM in the night. Soon… It became 11.00 PM… The […]...
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