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Taking care of your Baby’s skin

We are often worried about our baby’s skin and other health related issues. The skin of a baby is soft and extremely sensitive. Therefore, every parent must be tremendously careful and cautious while applying anything on their child’s skin. First of all, avoid using any random products on their ...
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Skin Disorders

Skin Disorders In Children

A Child’s skin is very soft and delicate in contrast to young people. The climate or condition a young skin can withstand lightly may be a torment for a children. Skin disorders are more visible than any other disease or problems that’s why they look more fearsome. But in real, they are not of m...
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Cough Issues with Children

There are lots of infections and allergies that catch a child easily because of a not so strong immune system. Cough is also one of them. Cough extracts a lot of energy from the child as the whole body loses energy during the repetitive reflexes caused by it. Cough is nothing but reflexes caused by ...
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