Child facing trouble in talking?

facing trouble in talking
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Some children have been facing trouble in talking with someone. Some of them may not even start even after they turn two. As parents it is necessary to observe and analyze when your child learns to talk, how he or she talks so that you can take immediate steps to tackle the situation.

As parents what is important to observe is to know whether your child understands simple instructions that you give him. Children can comprehend simple instructions and that exceeds his expression. If parents feel that the child can understand the language but has trouble speaking, it means that the child has some speech defects or it can also be that the child is simply a late bloomer and may start talking late!

Parents should keep talking to the child. Speak in simple sentences about things that happen around your child’s life. While going out, keep telling your child about various things, interest him/her and encourage them to talk. It is always a good option to take your child out to places such as a museum or a zoo where he or she can view a lot of things. Places like this always encourage a child to speak up.

Encourage your child to learn easy words. Simple nouns and verbs are usually preferred to begin with. What is important is to be patient and take through the whole process slowly. When speaking to your child, speak at a slow rate. Also be consistent in your approach.