Child Violence: A Threat To Society!

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Hearing the recent shootings by Indian children on another children which lead to gruesome and shocking murders, It is important that you educate your child with a proper understanding of what violence can do to him/her.Child ViolenceIt is essential that you make them understand that violence is not the solution to any problem in the world and killing other people is a dastard act any which ways.

Guns maybe toys for your child but if your child finds a real gun and plays with it as a toy, the result can be disastrous for both you and you and your child, not to forget the growing youth.

Children seem to be playing violent video games a lot and many of them even think that handling a gun in their hands makes them feel like a Hero. Shooting a gun is an heroic act is what many immature children think and feel. You have to eradicate the myths with which they live.

We hope to see a better society for tomorrow! Happy Parenting!