Home remedies for children catching a cold.

children catching a cold
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Common cold is indeed common especially in children! Parents often complain of their children catching a cold. However, babies (under 6 months) are less likely to catch colds because of the antibodies that they receive from the mother’s milk.

Cold is basically caused by a virus called rhinoviruses that are present in the air. This virus should be overcome by the body’s defense mechanisms. Usually a common cold lasts for around a week. Kids catch cold easily because most of them are carefree and germs easily catch them.

Your kid may complain of sore throat, headache, body ache, drowsiness, blocked nose etc. Nasal drops will help clear the nasal passage and provide significant relief to the child. A teaspoon of lemon, turmeric powder, honey and paste of ginger can help to cure common cold and cough to some extent.

Gargles of warm water with a pinch of turmeric can help to moisten a sore throat. This reduces the rashes on the throat. Taking steam can also help to clear blocked nose. However, children should take care that any part of the body should not touch the vaporizer. For children below six years of age, a towel soaked in warm water should be put on the chest. This will make your child feel better. It is said that basil leaves juice mixed with honey and few drops of water can reduce the effect of common cold.

Apart from this, obvious things like chocolates, ice-creams, ice-cubes, curd, buttermilk and other similar items aggravating the cold should be strictly avoided. Soups, hot corn, hot vegetables should be consumed. Zinc, echinacea, and vitamin C supplements are consumed by people when affected by cold. However, do consult the doctor before one consumes them.