Communication is the key

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 Communication seems to be the key issue to be addressed; be it in an organization or at home or in some other setting.

Parents are constantly addressing and communicating with their kids on the dos and the donts that a child is suppose to follow. The conflict arises when kids reach their teen and start to think on their own.

As parents, try to lay down the ground rules that are essential in the beginning. It is difficult to understand the teenage mind and how it will respond to different stimuli. So parents need to convey the fact that they are supporting their children. After all, even parents were once a teen. Do not get-a-high-kind-of-stuff from establishing rules and playing the big dictator in your family. Sit with your child, talk to them, be their friend-cum-father type of a support system which is much needed by kids of that age.

Take your child out for long walk, take them to places where they want you to come, and in these small courses, talk to them about life, about their opinion on matters, about their family, about their thought processes and how they think of you. You will be amazed how much simple communication can like that help parents to understand their children and children to understand their parents.

Remember, like a bird flies after he has grown, you too cannot control your child life for a long time. Some things they have to learn by making some mistakes. That is the way they learn and grow and thrive on their journeys.