Conversation Skills

conversation skills
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Unfortunately, Indian education doesn’t lay much emphasis on conversational skills. As we grow up, we realize that it is essential to have good communication skills to be able to succeed in life. While some of them try and develop their communication, others are left far behind and find it difficult to cope up. Hence, as parents it is important to see to it that your child gets some training on conversational skills.

More importantly, conversational skills are not about how your child interacts with his friends. Of course that is a part of it, but more importantly, it means how children engage in a discussion, what is their level of participation, how much can they contribute to the group, what kind of role they play in a conversation, are they good listeners or good talkers etc are questions that parents need to find out answers to. Early identification of the strengths and weakness of the child in terms of communication skills will only help him to be better at this splendid art.

In case parents do not wish to enroll students for professional communication program, one can train kids at home. For this, parents need to conduct a bit of research and find out about what essentially is needed to be a good conversationalist. The obvious thing is strong content. No one disagrees to the fact that content is king. For this it is necessary that your kid is exposed to various fields, knows about current affairs and other similar things.

Apart from content, other communication elements like body language, expression and tone of voice are also important which will be discussed in the next post.