Effects Of Verbal Abuse On Kids

Verbal Abuse
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Many children are victim of verbal abuse hurled at them in various parts of the world. The pain incurred from poisonous words can be very damaging to a child’s psychology. Parents are often responsible for venting out their frustrations at their kids. Perhaps, you are not realizing it but kids are well, kids. They do not understand what sort of stress you are facing in your professional arena or other social interactions. It’s quite easy to let out your irritation at your kids but imagine what sort of psychological damage you are inflicting on your kids. Children start losing confidence and develop inferiority complex.

Losing self-esteem is another downside of this verbal onslaught. Some children simply develop shyness and feel inhibited for the rest of their lives. Negative self image is another major side-effect of your verbal assault. Some of the common feelings experienced by child are, ‘I am always wrong’, ‘nobody loves me’, ‘I am fit for nothing’ etc. would you really prefer your child to be withdrawn and depressed for no fault of his? It is not hard to find such symptoms in the child. The moment you see such signs, it is an alarming sign then. Often a moment of self-introspection will reveal the fact that your verbal assault is the reason behind your child’s miseries.

It is a signal to change your attitude towards your kid and start showing some affection and kind words than verbal aggression. Some children are found to be indulged in self destructive activities and that’s a very serious issue. Delayed development of child occurs when faced with verbal aggression. These children tend to fall in every aspect in their lives. It is a long term affect so parents must be very careful what they are doing with their tongue. Parents need to be more sensitive and use better skills to handle their frustration and understand child.