School exam fever: Parents co-operation

exam fever
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It is March and final exams are hovering over your kid’s mind. Nervousness, long hours of study and mental exertion stresses your child out. In these conditions, most students have exam pressure. Some of the things that kids of standard I, II, III and so on complain are feeling weak in the legs, heavy breathing, shivering, puckish feeling, giddiness and things alike. A proper co-operation from parents can help child to get through exam fever smoothly.

The question here is that as parents can you help kids with this situation or assit them with homework help ? What can you do to reduce their tension and anxiety? How should you make them feel relaxed so that your kid can write the exam paper well? Can you help them cope up with the pressure tuitions and school throws at your kids? Managing and performing under stress is also an art. In fact there are many institutions that conduct stress management workshops.

This is what parents can do to help their children during exam days – encourage a brisk walk. Parents may feel that with studies your child does not have time for a brisk walk but a 15 minute walk can indeed do wonders to bring back that energy in your child.

A six-eight hour sleep is a must. Sleep is a great relaxation technique and it helps you retain all that one has learnt. In case of a continuous series of exams, a half an hour nap after returning home from one exam can help you prepare for the next one with refreshed mind.

Do not encourage your child to eat oily and junk food especially during exams. They tend to make one feel lazy and drowsy. Even listening to some light music for 15 minutes before going for an exam can help you relax and succeed in the examinations.