Excellent life lessons to teach children

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As a parent, we literally bringing another living, breathing, human being into the world- for the next 18 years or so.
it is our responsibility to teach our child to navigate the ups and downs of life, and the society he or she is being brought into by having a strong foundation.

Here are the life lessons to teach children :

– Good manners.
Say “Please”, ” Sorry” and “Thank you” when you are interacting with your child. Children learn best by example.

– Treat everyone with equal respect.
Every soul is precious and It does not matter what they look like, or what they do believe in, or what is their caste or status – offer unconditional love to them.

– Forgive and love with all their hearts
By showering our children with love, we can teach them to love unconditionally with all their hearts. Children will pick up important values such as empathy & respecting other people’s choices.

– Be helpful
Encourage children to offer a helping hand whenever possible. This teaches them kindness, compassion, and empathy.

– Always keep asking questions.
Life is a school and teaches us. The moment we stop learning is the moment we stop growing.

– Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
We are human and nobody is perfect. It’s learning from mistakes that makes us grow.

– Value of honesty.
Explain to your child that he/she should always aim to tell the truth & how it helps.

– Work hard but accept be human
Grades are important, but…Being a good human being is more important.

– It’s okay to be wrong.
If we convince ourselves that we already know everything, we will never learn and grow. Keep the ego aside.

– Healthy food choices
Children adopt healthy eating habits from what they have been practicing from young. Despite your busy daily schedule,  prepare healthy meals for the family.

– Live with Happiness and Positivity
The ups and downs of life are always there. Encourage children to focus on the positives, and thank God for their blessings. There is always so much to be thankful for.