Exercises for new born baby

Exercises for new born baby
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It is said that exercising is the best way to remain fit. But do babies have to exercise as well? Yes, they do. Even though you may think that your infant needs no exercises but he/she surely does. Exercising benefits all. Physical activity helps your baby build the muscles that are important for crawling and in the later stages, vital for walking. Also, exercise will help them sleep better since they will be tired and exhausted just like adults.

A new born baby cannot do anything by himself. But he is definitely learning all the time. For example he is learning to control his neck muscles, his head muscles and his ends. Till he turns three months old there are a couple of exercises you can help him do.
First of all, try the knee bend exercise. Take your infant’s feet and tenderly push his knees to his stomach. Then unbend his knees and push them back to his stomach again. Continue doing this. After repeating this a few times, you may observe that your baby begins to push back at you. This is all right; however don’t force his legs to bend.

The next exercise would help your baby lift his head. Lay your child straight, adjacent to your shoulder. In this pose, your baby can try raising his head, even if only for a second or two. You should give him good support along his back so he cant fall doesn’t fall down backwards.

The next exercise can help babies of all ages. Place your child, facing downwards on a comparatively firm surface. You can use foam floor mats for this exercise. Maybe during the first few months your baby won’t do react to this position, but as he grows a little older, he will try to turn his head from one side to other. He will also try lifting it up. In due course, he will push himself up on his forearms to look around.