Fancy dress ideas

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There are several events that open up new ideas for a fancy dress competition. Play school is probably the first time you would have dressed up your toddler in a fancy dress item and marveled at the way your kid has posed in the photographs. The kudos goes to parents too in going for creative ideas and taking that extra effort for creating a novel item.

The most important point during a fancy dress competition is to rehearse and also not goad the kid into winning. The homework needs to be perfect with respect to the lines or dialogues the child has to say on stage or wearing the gear correctly. The gear or dress has to be perfectly in place so that there are no unwanted accidents on stage. It is important to look into the comfort factor of the child when choosing the layers, clothing and props.

Older kids seem to be more enthusiastic about the subject as toddlers require a lot of convincing. They may be donning the make up or face painting for the first time and hence in awe of many things. But showing them a few pictures will ease their apprehensions. Theme based fancy dress ideas are usually like animals, sports, ecology and tradition of India.

The research on the subject can help you prepare your child with apt dialogues. Animal themes for a toddler can be done as a ‘Dalamation’ dog where all you need is to organize a white T and full pant. A string can be utilized as a short tail. A cap with hanging cotton ears serves the trick for dog ears. A bit of black fabric color can be used to paint uneven spots all over the dress.

You could dress up your child as Harry Potter with a cloak stitched, hair uptil the forehead, a scar on the forehead, a wooden wand painted in black and spectacles to complete the look. The dialogues can be plenty with magical chants and expression. Dress your child as a ‘Baker’ with the chef hat and cookies in a tray. Another idea is to make a cardboard tree and send a message on ‘not to cut trees’. Another creative idea is to do a lot of face painting, beads-necklaces, flare skirt and dress the child as a ‘Red Indian’.

Birthdays and Fancy dress participation is loved by children and they feel excited watching others go on stage and perform. Lots of cheering and clapping is the best way to boost their confidence.  Find more ideas for fancy dress costumes