First Birthday Party

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Every child has his or her first birthday party once in a life time and it is the most precious moment for every mother. She tries to make it the most memorable one for her child and her family. To make the celebration a memorable one a preparation and a thorough research is necessary.First Birthday Party

Various ideas pour in from friends and families when they plan you party. One may suggest a simple cake and just a few presents while other may suggest a carnival themed party for her one-year-old which is complete with pony rides, a popcorn machine, and clowns.

While selecting the idea is ultimately in the hands of the parents, one also has to keep in mind the budget. A simple birthday party may suit an average household budget the theme based birthday party would suit more a lavish household.

A lot of things have to be kept in mind while preparing for the first birthday party. These range from invitation cards to birthday cakes to gifts and so on. Below here we have collated a list of few of the items which are generally used in the planning the first birthday party of your child:

The lovely Decorations include……

Festive Balloons hung on the walls
Favourite photos of your child from youth to old
First Birthday banner or poster for guests to sign in

Creative arts and crafts include…….

Nail painting

Fun frolicking games include…..

Passing a festive balloon on the tone of music
Free play area for kids
Box Yards

Fun Food for kids include…..

Potato Smileys
Cheese and crackers
Raw vegetable platter with dip

Planning a birthday party is not a cake walk. While preparing a birthday party consumes a lot of energy, it also gives a fun and frolicking moments which is spent with your friends and families. To enjoy more of such moments with your friends and families one can always make use of specialized party planners who cater to the management of such events.