Freedom: The Essential Of Good Parenting!

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Parenting children takes a lot of effort, not to forget the time that we invest in parenting our children.

It so happens that our life is occupied by our parenting responsibilities so much that we even forget doing what we wish to within our lives. During stages when the child is an infant, toddler, adolescent or even a teenager; we have a huge amount of responsibility which we have to take care of. We cannot afford to get distracted by anything else when we are performing our regular responsibilities. So, as a parent, how do we create the time and space for ourselves to enjoy and experience the different colors of life?

In a way, we want a little bit of time and space to relax, to be free of all the worries in the world that we have?

How does a parent do just that?

Teach your children of being “independent” all by themselves. Whatsoever be the case, in my opinion, I feel a good parent is one who lets their adolescent child take up all their responsibilities slowly and steadily that may include even washing dishes & clothes, cleaning their room and desks by themselves,A learning to cook food by themselves and even doing the same when needed for others. This does not mean that you as a parent do not take any responsibility in seeing whether your child is doing his/her bit for themselves. Having a maid at home will maybe enable you to be free for a good period of time but won’t enable you to make your child be independent when the maid is not around. You must make your child be all by themselves, self-sufficient in all capacities.

After all, life is an experience irrespective of whether good or bad, right or wrong, legal or illegal. If you can teach your child to be responsible enough for their own good, you will never have to suffer or spend more time on them.

There is another good point;  Children have to be taught to be honest, expressive and respectful. Once they behave honestly, openly and respectfully; you wont have much worries in your mind.