Good Parenting is a Disguised Blessing

Disguised Blessing
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Good parenting is a blessing in disguise that involves nurturing a child in the warmth of motherhood and love of fatherhood. In simple terms it defined as raising and rearing a child with love, care, and guidance. The amount of love parents give and the way they nurture their child greatly contributes to the physical, motor, social, and emotional development of the child.

Apart from love and cars parenting also includes responsiveness, understanding child’s needs, mounting desires, clarifying expectations, praising a child for his goodness, demanding discipline, and fostering values and virtues.

Understanding a child is the key element of good parenting. Parents should understand the needs, demands, and desires of their children and should adapt themselves to the changing generation. By bridging the generation gap they can better understand their children. They should never force their own ambitions on the tiny tots. Children are clay that can be molded in any form and it depends on parents how they mold them.

If parents shower love and attention on their children they grow up to be better citizens of the society. But this does not mean that parents should fulfill all the forceful desires children have. Parents have all right to decide what’s right and what’s wrong for their own children but that it should be clearly explained to them. If parents don’t fulfill their desires and if they don’t understand why then it puts a negative impact on the relationship. Don’t scold them or bash them for all small mistakes or else it will result in lot of fear and depression in children.

Learning and understanding a child helps promote growth and development of a child. It also helps a child to prosper physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually.