Good Parenting Tip: Handling Examination Stress!

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Maintain a calm atmosphere in the house. Let your child relax a few hours in the day.

If your child is studying all day long, do not disturb them while they are sleeping or studying.

Ask your child to go for a walk or go outside for at least 15-30 minutes after 8-10 hours of study time during high pressure times.

Examination Stress

Make them realize how easy it is to study for exams by helping them with their studies.

Always Remember: Your hopes, expectations and fears as a parent can burden your child. Keep them away while you deal with your child’s examination stress. Your desires and their desires are separate. You cannot demand your children to adhere according to your demands.

Often children find studying certain subjects boring. You have to make them realize that the subjects aren’t boring but they have to improve their perception about the subjects. If they excel at it, they will like them.

Let them know that you love them and that is why you are always there for them come what may the results. This way, you will reduce their fears and get them interested in studying all by themselves with you coaxing them to study.

Make them realize that failing exams doesn’t conclude that they are failures in any sense. An exam is just a test and its easy to pass exams without much hassles if they prepare good.

Give them perks for getting good marks in exams. This way, they will learn to achieve and being a winner in whatever way possible.

During exams, there shouldn’t be any chaos within or outside the house as this could be disturbing.

Most importantly, let them know that they have the capacity to bring good marks and they can be winners even if they fail a couple of times. Tell them that you really believe they can bring good marks.

Keep faith in your children and maintain peace during exam times. Peace is the only way to go during such frenzy situations. Be A Good Parent Today! Happy Parenting!