Good Parenting Tip: Managing Attention Between Many Children!

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Children often feel jealous when a new born child gets much wanted attention. The elder children feel deprived of much wanted love and caring which isn’t the case usually. Most elder children think that they are being ignored or aliened whereas their younger sibling is being treated lavishly and pampered.  Here are Parenting Tip to help you in such situation.

even feel that they are burdened with responsibility of their younger siblings whereas the younger siblings do not much to feel responsible about. This leads them to think that their parents are being unfair to them whereas their younger siblings take everything away from them which isn’t the case usually.Parenting Children To Make Sure Of Their Righteous Behavior

So, here comes the trouble.. fights, screams and shouts between siblings and you will have to take care of all that. But what if you just make them feel equally loved and cared? In that case, you will have to be there with your elder children even when you are with your younger children. Now, that’s something you will have to do to let your children know that all of them are equal to you and you love them as much as you love your other children.

Remember, children seek equal attention, understanding and importance. That’s what they call love in their own terms. If you have something to give to each of them, it’s better you give them in equal intensities and similar things to each of them. That way you can avoid conflicts and screams of partiality. If you find both of them fighting between themselves, “don’t blame anyone”. Just make the child who is responsible for the mistake know and realize their mistake by discussing it in a calm and cool manner when there is no one around except you & your child, not even his/her sibling. Blaming anyone of them will create distance between the two which will further create more differences and conflicts. Be A Good Parent Today! Happy Parenting!