Good Parenting Tip: Marks Don’t Matter As Much As Joy Does!

Marks Don't Matter
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Every parent dreams of their child securing the 1st rank in academics and dreaming such is certainly not a crime. Definitely, dreaming is good for your health, wealth and well-being. But your dreams should not create undue pressures for your children. For instance, you must not expect your child to secure a 100 percentile or a 90 % in academics just because you desire so. Practically, not all children are interested in studies as some children are very good at sports or even arts for that matter. Some children will excel at sciences or even social service. Some children will just love to be businessman or even join the army/navy/air-force.

Depending on their liking, they will excel at academics. It is your approach in making studies interesting matters most. Still, even if your child does not excel at studies, it doesn’t mean that your child cannot become a “star” or a “leader”. It means that your child has other interests, simply put.

Just as you desire, so does your child. If you are sacrificing something for your child, it is your love and love does not expect anything in return. It just means to give and not expect anything. So, give your child the space to define their individuality, personality and originality. Give your child time and space to discover their life, light and love. Let your children fulfill their desires.

Give children the time to feel comfortable with academics. Don’t burden them about academics and other school related things as what matters is that your child lives his/her life with enthusiasm. What matters is the joy of living life happily and marks come secondary. Creating tensions just because yur choild isn’t securing good marks isn’t a good way to live life. Thats how child learn,there Marks Don’t Matter  Be A Good Parent Today! Happy Parenting!