Good Parenting Tips For About-To-Be Parents!

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Are you a pregnant mother with a child in your womb? Are you an about to be father of a new born child? Are you nervous about performing all responsibilities for your to-be-born child? Is it that you do not have any idea of how you can handle the situation when you are about to have a new born child? And you wish to know how to handle the situation after that as well? You might wish to know how do you go ahead doing what is required according to the periodic developments in your, your spouses and your child’s life, right?

Good Parenting

There are some good tips that you must preach while your wife is pregnant.

Tips for during pregnancy:

  1. Cook food yourself for your pregnant wife whenever possible with LOVE. The food should not be too oily (preferably not oily and too spicy et all), dry fruits in adequacy, lots of milk, protein foods, lots of fresh fruits, lots of fruit juices, lots of leafy vegetables and a balanced mixture of all vitamins. Eat food that is easily digestible and has more of water content. Research on nutrition for pregnant women extensively if you want a healthy wife and a healthy child.
  2. Avoid tobacco/alcohol/toxic foods/outside food at all costs.
  3. Be with your wife as much as possible.

  4. Have light, cheerful and expressive paintings hanging on your wall of your bedroom and your living room.

  5. Have soulful & soothing music playing in your living room as and when you feel your wife would like to listen and calm her senses.
  6. Have a pleasant chat as much as possible and talk all about positivity with your wife. Ingrain a positive attitude within yourself during this period and study “how to be a good parent during this period”.
  7. Talk to as many already become parents as possible and learn from their experiences.

  8. Last and not the least, make a list of pre-cautions to be taken during pregnancy and after birth of your new born child.

Ignorance can give you nothing but pain. You must become aware of how you tackle your issues relating to your pregnant wife and your status of about-to-be father of a new born child. Proper understanding, discussion and research can lead you to the right place. Best Of luck & Happy Good Parenting!